Brilliant Sands Touts McClelland Lake Project

Brilliant Sands Inc. has received extremely positive results from the continuous exploration program at its McClelland Lake sand property in Alberta, Canada. The results confirm initial test results indicating the presence of high-quality proppant sand deposits at the property.

An extensive surface sampling and near-surface geophysical survey was conducted. Initial results suggest the potential for at least two sizable deposits. The samples in the most recent studies are visually consistent with those collected during 2014 and reaffirm the potential for high crush and high purity silica. The findings from Alberta, Canada-based Loring Labs’s analysis of the samples in 2014 confirmed silica contents up to 98 percent and exhibited high degrees of both roundness and sphericity. As such, the development potential of these silica-rich sands for high quality proppants is excellent.

The most recent samples and survey data are under further analysis to better determine silica sand distribution, quality and potential deposit size. The results will be used to plan the next phase of the property’s exploration, which will include deeper mechanized drilling and backhoe test pitting. That phase will focus on resource delineation in at least two areas with potential for mine development. Permit applications for this next phase of exploration are in preparation.

Marc J. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of Brilliant Sands, said, “These test results further evidence the abundant existence of high quality proppants at McClelland Lake property and confirm our initial findings. The initial results have shown the potential for high crush and high purity silica and multiple options for viable frac and silica sand mining sites within the Brilliant Sands land holdings.

“Exploration and development work at McClelland and the Alberta Project are proceeding at a remarkable pace and we are extremely pleased with the results thus far on all of our frac sand projects. We remain committed to establishing our mining operations as quickly as possible,” concluded Andrews.


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