Loadrite 360 Loadout Management System for Quarries

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Trimble Loadrite announced the availability of Trimble Loadrite 360 for loadout automation and reporting for quarry loadout activities.50 Loadrite 400

The Loadrite 360 (LR360) system consists of a wheel loader onboard scale, an automated communications connection and a performance-reporting tool. The system provides a 360-degree view of quarry loadout operations between the loader scales, scale house and quarry manager.

The LR360 can reduce fuel and maintenance costs by avoiding unnecessary idling of loaders and trucks in loadout. It also provides quarries with increased truck visibility to ensure that its trucks are loaded to capacity in the shortest time possible.

Two-way automated communication shows jobs requested at the scale house as a job list on the scale inside the loader cab, and completed loadout data is fed directly into the scale house ticketing system. This reduces double entry work and data entry errors for both the operator and the scale house attendant.

Accurate on-screen job data reduces error-prone verbal communications and allows more time for loading. Trimble Loadrite’s LR360 uses shared visibility of payload data, job data automation and performance metric tracking to highlight opportunities for improvement.

The performance reports track loader metrics including tph across multiple or individual loaders, actual time spent on truck-loading activities and loader operator efficiency to highlight staff training needs.

50 Loadrite2 400With the InsightHQ reporting option, managers can monitor site production and performance anywhere at any time. InsightHQ also allows centralization of data from excavator and belt scales.

“LR360 is first and foremost a tool to improve the accuracy and speed of loadout operations. But it can also reveal hidden improvement opportunities,” said Johan Smet, general manager of Trimble Loadrite. “LR360 enables users to drill into production data to see individual trucks, loaders or even bucket-by-bucket data to identify cost leakage.”

The LR360 in-cab indicator clearly presents a list of loadout jobs in order of priority by truck ID. By providing simple, relevant and prioritized job data to the operator, they are empowered to complete jobs faster across the site with no loss in loading accuracy. The list also provides richer loadout job queue data to reduce verbal communication errors and truck waiting time.

For loader operators and site managers who already rely on Loadrite scales, the LR360 will be familiar with a similar keypad and operation. The LR360 provides accurate and consistent weighing, and powerful data management tools for investigating operations improvement.

Loadrite 360 for loadout is available now from Loadrite authorized distributors worldwide, including SITECH technology dealers.

Trimble Loadrite, www.loadritescales.com

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