App of the Month – August 2015


Affordable, accurate tracking of the people or possessions that matter to you is now available through Trackimo. Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.


The Trackimo device is small enough for backpacks, purses or even pockets to allow you to track vehicles, fleets, or anything else that has personal or financial value to you.

Your device supplies live reports to your smartphone or PC. With your choice of street view or Google map view, Trackimo reports device movement, geo-fence crossing, speed excesses, low-battery, plus it maintains a full year of history reports, which are very helpful in commercial applications. Trackimo also has an S.O.S. button that can be used in emergency applications.

Trackimo is only pennies a day with no contracts and nothing else to buy; you get the device, software, app and cell package all included.


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