XL Specialized Trailers Introduces Lightweight XL 80

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XL Specialized Trailers now offers the lightweight XL 80 Low-Profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) trailer. This lowboy is rated at 80,000 lb. overall and 80,000 lb. in 10 ft. concentrated. The model provides a needed transport solution for lighter-duty equipment that contractors use and move every day.37 XLTrailers 400

The XL 80 Low-Profile HDG features an 11-ft. long hydraulic gooseneck with XL’s low-profile design, which is popular for its front-loading advantage. A five-position ratchet-style variable ride height allows users to adjust the neck height to fit their various loads.

This new two-axle construction lowboy is available in three options: a 44-ft., 6-in. overall length with 24 ft. in the well; a 46-ft., 6-in. overall length with 26 ft. in the well, or a 48-ft. overall length with 27 ft., 6 in. in the well. The short gooseneck allows for the main deck to stay as long as possible, an important factor for many users who may need to fit a long load or multiple small pieces of equipment onto the main deck.
The bucket well at the rear of the main deck is made from the recessed last three cross members of the deck and includes a plate on the bottom, ideal for the bucket of an excavator to sit low in without damaging the cylinder. The boom trough in the rear bridge also comes with a plate on the bottom and provides a place for the arm to ride safely.

“As construction equipment gets heavier, it is easy to keep building bigger trailers,” said Rodney Crim, vice president of sales at XL Specialized Trailers. “But jobsites are full of smaller equipment too, so we wanted to design a trailer that was lightweight, sturdy and full of bonus features for those everyday hauls. Our new XL 80 Low-Profile HDG trailer achieves that.”

XL Specialized Trailers, www.xlspecializedtrailer.com

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