Masaba C125 Portable Plant Features Efficient Transportation

33 Wheeler 150

The Masaba Portable C125 Plant allows for efficient transportation. This unit features a grizzly hopper module that hydraulically lifts off the wide flange beam chassis for travel.33 Wheeler 400

Hydraulic legs allow this hopper module to be transported on a low boy without the use of a crane. The hopper module is built from 3/4-in. AR steel and comes complete with hydraulic folding wings to maximize feed capacity. This unit can be customized to fit specific operational needs.

Crushing System 
  • 200-hp, 1200-rpm crusher motor.
  • 50-hp, 1800-rpm feeder motor.
  • Impact bed under crusher.
  • Appropriate guarding.
  • Coat two-part urethane paint.
  • Coat two-part urethane primer.
  • Steel-shot blasted.
  • Owner’s manual for start-up and maintenance.
  • Switchgear – NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • Upgrade to (6) Masaba 70,000-lb. brute run on hydraulic jacks.
  • Booster axle hitch.
  • Hydraulic breaker mount with caged access ladder.
  • Bulkheads.
  • Toolbox.


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