Metso´s New HP5 Cone Crusher Offers Tailored Performance

PTP Metso 150

Metso designed the new HP5 cone crusher with safety, simplicity and eco-efficiency in mind. Automatic settings, specialized maintenance tools, reduced emissions, and energy-efficient motors are just a few of the improvements built into this new cone crusher.PTP Metso 400F

In addition to being fitted with the latest high-efficiency motors, the HP5 generation crushers boast a higher output of finished product using the same amount of power. The result is improved overall efficiency (less power consumed, more yield) and, as a bonus, lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Compared with equivalent crushers of its size, the HP5 has a higher output capacity and density in the crushing chamber, resulting in a better reduction ratio. A higher cavity density improves inter-particle crushing action for better end product shape and more on-spec material using the same amount of energy.

The HP5 boasts numerous features that increase the crusher’s productivity, safety, and ease of use. Thicker liners mean more material to wear, resulting in fewer liner changes and less downtime. An advanced fastening system for the mantle and bowl liner eliminates the need for backing material, making liner changes safer and faster. The HP5 cone crusher is also easy to disassemble, with all components accessible from the top or side. The bowl and head are easily and safely removed with no interference. A newly designed tramp release system, with fixed return point, instantly resets the crusher after passing uncrushable material.

When maintenance is required, a new motor support allows the belts to be stretched hydraulically, and lifting points have been redesigned to easily and safely lift the HP5. Platform guards help to ensure operator safety and protection.

The HP5 features Metso’s innovative IC70C crusher automation system. The IC70C is precisely designed to meet customer expectations and crushing plant requirements for consistent production, safety, and easy control of crusher parameters. Feed and discharge conveyors control, wear compensation, auto setting adjustment, and computer remote control are just a few of the many benefits the IC70C system offers.

The HP5 follows the successful HP3, HP4, and HP6 as the fourth model in the all-new range of high-performance cone crushers from Metso. The design of the new HP5 leverages Metso’s 100+ years of crusher know-how and experience with more than 9,000 HP cone crushers in operation worldwide. The result is a crusher that delivers the perfect combination of efficient crushing action, optimal feed size, high performance, and the lowest cost per ton. To learn more about Metso’s high-performance cone crushers, contact your local distributor or visit us online.


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