Brilliant Sands Hires Exploration And Development Firm

Brilliant Sands Inc. (BSI) announced that it has hired Morton Jagodich Inc. (MJI) to assist with the exploration and development of BSI’s frac sand projects located in Alberta and Manitoba, Canada. MJI is a geoscience and geotechnical engineering firm based in Canada with regional offices located throughout the country.

BSI President and CEO Marc J. Andrews, said, “Brilliant Sands is looking forward to working with MJI to quickly and efficiently refine our three projects into a first-class mining operation and begin the production of our exceptional frac sand projects. Our initial field work was initiated last month on all three of our properties and we are pleased to report that our partners are achieving excellent progress in advancing each project. Based on our initial reports, we are expecting a resource report on each project by the third quarter of this year.”

Andrews added, “The location, size and quality of our projects will position us as one of the leading players in the Canadian frac sand market with the goal of becoming the largest frac sand producer and supplier in Canada. Based on the increasing global demand for frac sand, we believe Brilliant Sands and its shareholders are well-positioned to capitalize on this significant growth opportunity.”

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