Rohr-Idreco Supplies Frac Sand Dredge

Rohr-Idreco has designed, built and installed an RISD400-M (16-in.) electric dredge for application in the frac sand mining industry.

The customer was in the market for a new and efficient modern electric dredge, according to the company, and after seeing the operation of an existing dredge, decided to move forward with the purchase.

The new dredge has a digging depth of 82 ft. (25 m) and production capacity in excess of 800 tph. The dredge is equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS and sonar system that provides the operator virtually real time mapping, showing where material has been dredged and where virgin material still lies through an intricate software system developed by Rohr-Idreco.

The dredge is equipped with an RIDP 400 Rohr-Idreco dredge pump, plus five onshore RIBS 400 Rohr-Idreco booster pump stations. These are some of the most efficient and modern pumps currently available in the market. They are designed for reduced wear and lower energy consumption.

There were lengthy discussions with the customer to make sure that the dredge and booster pumps would meet the production as well as environmental requirements of the project. The customer has been very pleased with the performance of their new dredge. Total delivery time was seven months from contract signing.

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