New Trail King Hauling Products Hit the Road

86 TrailKingi 150

Making its re-entry into the market at this year’s 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville was Trail King Industries’ prototype Steel End Dump. This heavy-duty and dependable trailer is complemented by five additional models from Trail King’s extensive specialized trailer product lines.86 TrailKingi 400

The TKSHR32 Steel End Dump has been in consideration over the past few years and the company has finally re-introduced the model back into their product offerings.

The new TKSHR32, designed to haul sand, gravel, demolition or rip rap features abrasion resistant steel, inverted angle designed top rail, and a high-lift tail gate. Improved stability and a maximized footprint are achieved with a lower center of gravity. The ability to haul increased payload is a result of the 24-in. flat floor structural design. The TKSHR32’s design is not only suited for a wide range of cargo applications, but for each scenario it allows ease of operation, and superior loading and unloading through the dump cycle.

“Trail King has never been a company that shies away from filling a need that the market demands,” said Rick Farris, Trail King’s vice president of of sales and marketing. “Extensive research has determined that the Steel End Dump is an essential component of the materials hauling industry’s current needs. Now, Trail King offers a complete line of products to our customers that support specific markets and varying regulatory requirements.”

Farris added, “Our customers heavily rely on Trail King’s expert engineering knowledge and capabilities, as well as manufacturing’s careful analysis to provide premium performance and innovative operating efficiencies in all aspects of the business. Trail King’s new Steel End Dump will offer the market a product with a low cost of maintenance and premium resale value.”

86 TrailKingii 400The Steel End Dump is expected to go into production in the near future.

Other Trail King trailers:

  • Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (TK110HDG) with Hydraulic Booster – Trail King’s flagship trailer supporting the construction market is a great lowboy choice for hauling complex equipment. Features a compact low-profile gooseneck design with extensive adjustability. Hydraulic booster uniquely conforms to every low and high on the road.
  • Advantage Series Live Bottom (OLB32-102) – Built for smoother results, this product features a design that allows users to haul up to one ton more payload than competing brands, the company said.
  • Super Hi-Lite Continuous Belt Live Bottom (ASHR2-4278-48C) – Improves product control. For the agriculture industry, this trailer is for hauling feed, seed, fertilizer and other high volume products.
  • Aluminum Combo Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck (TK75AMG) – Built tough with a lightweight composition and long-lasting corrosion resistance.
  • Hydraulic Double Drop Extendable (TK110HED) – A versatile solution for over-the-road hauling applications. Adjusts to varying road conditions and convenient scalability for challenging and changing load applications. Exhibits maximized capacity and robust construction for unlimited hauling solutions.

Supported by an elite dealer network, Trail King provides innovative and high-quality trailers serving a wide variety of markets that will propel continued growth. Trail King said it is committed to delivering on brand value by providing greater support and service to its dealers and our customers.

“Our sights are set on continuing to exceed dealer’s and customer’s expectations with forward-thinking product designs and new solutions that complement Trail King’s comprehensive offerings,” said Farris.