Johnson Hammers Congress on Possible Transportation Cuts

National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) President and CEO Michael W. Johnson urged Congress to rethink a proposed 22 percent cut to federal transportation projects contained in a recently passed federal spending blueprint. While Johnson acknowledged that the budget resolution passed May 5 is, fortunately, only a non-binding outline for federal spending, he pointed out that the proposed cuts would further degrade “a system already in crisis” and would harm the U.S. economy.

“It is imperative that Congress meet the critical funding needs to support this national priority that is essential to America’s economic growth and prosperity,” said Johnson in a letter to congressional leaders. “Reduced funding will result in more state transportation agency project delays, dramatically affecting countless industries.”

Johnson reminded Congress that federal spending on the nation’s roads, highways and bridges is already falling short and “Current funding levels are not keeping pace with the costs to just maintain our roads and bridges.”

NSSGA’s letter kicks off National Infrastructure Week (May 11-15), a multi-industry effort to highlight the sorry state of our nation’s infrastructure and the incredible impact that roads, highways and bridges contribute to the economy.

“It’s important for NSSGA members to know that this budget draft is only an opening bid when it comes to federal spending,” Johnson said. “It is far from the final word and no one is bound by it.”

NSSGA strongly urges member companies to let their representative and senators know what a misguided idea this is and how damaging it would be for the jobs that they provide and the local economies they support. Congress can be reached using NSSGA’s Washington Action Hotline, (866) 255-3207.

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