Trail King Steel End Dump Trailer

PTP TrailKing 150

Making its re-entry into the market this week at this year’s 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., was Trail King Industries’ prototype Steel End Dump.PTP TrailKing 400

The TKSHR32 Steel End is a project that has been in consideration over the past few years and the company has finally re-introduced the model back into their product offerings.

The new TKSHR32, designed to haul sand, gravel, demolition or rip rap features abrasion resistant steel, inverted angle designed top rail, and a high-lift tail gate. Improved stability and a maximized footprint are achieved with a lower center of gravity. The ability to haul increased payload is a result of the 24-in. flat floor structural design. The TKSHR32’s design is not only suited for a wide range of cargo applications, but for each scenario it allows ease of operation, and superior loading and unloading through the dump cycle.

“Trail King has never been a company that shies away from filling a need that the market demands,” said Rick Farris, Trail King’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Extensive research has determined that the Steel End Dump is an essential component of the materials hauling industry’s current needs. Now, Trail King offers a complete line of products to our customers that support specific markets and varying regulatory requirements.”

Farris added, “Our customers heavily rely on Trail King’s expert engineering knowledge and capabilities, as well as manufacturing’s careful analysis to provide premium performance and innovative operating efficiencies in all aspects of the business. Trail King’s new Steel End Dump will offer the market a product with a low cost of maintenance and premium resale value.”

The Steel End Dump is expected to go into production in the near future.

Trail King Industries,