AGG1 Preview: Regal Power Transmission Solutions


Regal Power Transmission Solutions keeps rock rolling with its wide range of aggregate-duty bearings, gear reducers and life-cycle support services demonstrated at AGG1, booth 2010. Featured products include Sealmaster Paver Bearings, Sealmaster Gold performance mounted ball and roller bearings, shaft-mount gear reducers from Browning and Hub City, and large helical gear reducers from Foote-Jones.PTP-TorqTaperPlus-320

An operating drive system submerged in sand illustrates Regal product durability, as well as the capabilities of the company’s wireless machinery health-monitoring system. A touchscreen “Interactive Plant” will allow visitors to pull up details on Regal product solutions in various locations of aggregate handling operations.

Regal’s program at AGG1 also includes the award of a mini iPad to a person who can guess the correct age of a well-used Sealmaster bearing, which will be displayed in cutaway to show the condition of interior components. A drawing for the winner of the “Guess how long this bearing has been in service” contest will take place on the final day of the show.

Sealmaster Paver Bearings exhibit features that have made them the industry standard for OEM builders of asphalt equipment. Engineered with front and rear double-lip contact seals that withstand temperatures up to 400°F, Sealmaster Paver bearings can further protect interior components with optional front and rear rotating seals, as well as optional shields.

Sealmaster Gold ball bearings, USRB mounted spherical roller and RPB mounted tapered roller bearings are engineered with unique and patented features for increased uptime through superior sealing and lubrication. Sealmaster Gold bearings combine multiple features to retain grease and exclude contaminants.

RPB Series roller bearings feature rugged split cast-iron housings and cartridge inserts. The inserts are field replaceable to simplify maintenance and maximize uptime.

Browning’s multi-patented TorqTaper Plus helical shaft-mount reducers feature a unique single tapered bushing that allows easy installation from front or rear for compact installations with short shaft lengths. A patented three-layer barrier seal with grease-filled labyrinth V-ring and external flinger protect against assault from abrasive grit, and are key to the reducer’s industry leading three-year warranty.

Available for up to 500 hp input, the TorqTaper reducer features carburized, ground AGMA-12 gearing and tapered roller bearings on all shafts, providing high horsepower ratings that allow downsizing in many applications. Larger diameter shafts also provide high overhung loads.

Hub City PowerTorque shaft-mount reducers are the value-priced drop-in replacement for the industry’s most commonly used reducers. Warranted for 18 months, they feature metal-reinforced double-lip seals riding on precision-ground shafts to deliver long service life. A high-strength ductile-iron housing protects the ground, AGMA-11 gears that provide up to 98.5 percent efficiency per stage. Available for off-the-shelf delivery, PowerTorque reducers are available in 10 sizes up to 200 hp rating, with output speeds to 200 rpm.

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