Terex Washing Systems Showcases Larger AggreSand, New FracStac


Terex Washing Systems (TWS) is gearing up for another exclusive event, which will be the first official showcase of the new larger model within the AggreSand range – the AggreSand 206 wash plant – suitable for all industrial, construction, recycling and mining applications. In addition, TWS will officially launch the newest product in their portfolio, the FracStac, set to be the world’s first modular frac plant.50-TEREXMPS-400

The global dealer and customer event will mark the first official showcase of the AggreSand 206 at a quarry site in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. This event will provide a fantastic opportunity for both dealers and customers to view the AggreSand 206 up close and witness how this higher capacity wash plant can process their material into high value, saleable products.

It will also be the official launch of the world’s first modular frac plant, a new innovative modular, container design-based machine, that will provide the ideal solution for frac sand processing and other industrial sands, once again setting TWS apart from its competitors, according to the company.

Innovation Meets Experience

The introduction of the AggreSand concept was in response to both changes in the marketplace and customer demands, which consists of larger capacity AggreSand 206 washplant, (up to 400tph) and the AggreSand 165 washplant (up to 250 tph) model.

Central to the development of the AggreSand concept was modular design, serviceability and functionality, making it quick and easy to set-up and easy to maintain. Customers also benefit from the unique design which includes full containerization of the machine for ease of transportation, rapid set-up time, pre-wired and pre-plumbed, plug-and-play componentry, isolated spray bars and a simple automated control system, all of which have been delivering efficient, productive performance for current owners.

Garry Stewart, TWS application team lead, commented, “The market has really embraced the AggreSand washplant concept with exceptional demand at the moment. To date, TWS has installed the first AggreSand 206 washplant in the UK with several more already planned globally. In addition multiple AggreSand 165 washplants are operating around the globe, operating efficiently with optimum productive performance. TWS are constantly looking at innovative ways to further enhance and develop our existing products so we can continue to meet the individual needs of our customers.”

The World’s First Modular Frac Plant

50-FracStac-400Design and manufacture is driven by a spirit of innovation and response to market demands, resulting in unique, market-leading products, which constitutes the latest addition to the TWS portfolio, the FracStac, due to be officially launched at the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., event.

Frac sand is a fast growing industry and TWS’s attendance at the Frac Sand Insider show in Pittsburgh at the end of 2014, was critical in terms of acquiring further research on the market, meeting with industry specialists and introducing the new product. The event provided the ideal platform for TWS to present this new concept to attendees demonstrating how this solution would be beneficial for them. With the plant now fully designed, TWS is excited to officially launch it and is optimistic at the prospects that lie ahead.

Sean Loughran, director of TWS, commented, “The use of high quality ‘frac’ sand in the process of oil and gas extraction has seen significant growth in recent years, especially in North America. With no signs of this trend abating, despite falling oil prices, coupled with the spread of this activity across the globe in the coming years, we believe this presents an exciting opportunity for TWS particularly with the announcement of our new product, the FracStac. This truly modular plant allows customers to produce up to 3 grades of frac sand using proven technology and state of the art controls. Considering the extremely positive feedback we have received from customers and industry experts to date, I am confident this machine will be a game-changer in the frac sand industry.”

Terex Washing Systems, www.terex.com/washing

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