AGG1 Preview: Volvo L250H wheel loader


Volvo Construction Equipment is showing a number of products at booth 1814. The Volvo L250H wheel loader is designed for two-pass loading of finished aggregate product into tri-axle on-highway trucks Volvo-283for up to 30 percent more truckloads per day compared to competitive loaders, which require three passes. With the excellent visibility and ergonomic design of the Volvo Care Cab, you can be sure your operators remain comfortable and productive throughout the day.

Making less passes isn’t the only thing that saves on fuel. Volvo wheel loaders feature a high torque at low rpm engine, as well as OptiShift with lock-up torque converter and Reverse-By-Braking technology. Paired together, you can expect up to 15 percent fuel savings by running Volvo.

Volvo makes preventive maintenance easy, ensuring your machines spend less time in the shop and more time making you money. Its CareTrack remote monitoring system paired with on-boarding diagnostics system MATRIS, helps fleet managers make more informed decisions that lead to higher productivity and uptime.

And when it comes time for service, Volvo machines are designed with easily accessible hatches, remote-mounted fluid drains and sensible filter locations for less disassembly and lower machine downtime. For those fleet managers that need support, its global dealer network can provide assistance in managing telematics data and help you make informed equipment decisions.

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