Terex Aggwash Plant Showcased at Event


Terex Washing Systems (TWS) showcased the Terex Aggwash 60-1 wash plant at its Open Day event in Chambellay, France, organized and hosted in conjunction with one of TWS’s French distributors, Catecom and their customer, Santrac.

The event attracted more than 80 guests including TWS dealers, their customers and Santrac’s customers. The plant was installed on the Santrac site early in 2014 and is processing natural sand and gravel.Terex-400

Santrac required a solution to process natural sand and gravel that was particularly clay bound, with a high level of silt. The Terex Aggwash wash plant was selected for this application based on the attributes of the plant and its ability to process this type of application.

The plant offers fast installation, with a pre-wired and pre-plumbed design. The logwasher component of the plant breaks up the clay bound material, liberating the clay and sand from the stone producing 3 aggregates, 4-8 mm, 8-20 mm and 20-40 mm, one oversize, 40 mm+ and one concrete sand.

The Aggwash wash plant also has the ability to remove the organics from the feed material and any floating material that comes from the rear of the trash screen washer and is dewatered on the logwasher. All water used in the process is collected in a centrally located slurry collection tank, which is then in turn pumped to the hydrocyclone where the sand is captured and not allowing any loss. Santrac is recycling the water via a standard tailing pond system; settling silts out and pumping clarified water back through the plant again, making the process very efficient.

Fergal McPhillips, TWS sales manager, commented “TWS was delighted to be in the position to showcase the Aggwash wash plant in France, which is currently operating effectively for many customers around the globe.”

Patrick Palais, Santrac quarry owner commented, “The Aggwash wash plant has been operating very effectively for us since the installation earlier this year. We are much better placed to serve our customer’s needs, providing three aggregates, one oversize and one sand. Santrac were delighted to host the recent open day event in conjunction with Catecom and TWS, as we also celebrated 40 years in business, making it a special occasion for all. It is an award winning solution and is certainly winning business for us.”

Terex Washing Systems, www.terex.com/washing

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