Metso Barmac VSI Rotors Add Operational Uptime


Operational uptime plays a key role in today’s crushing operations, where maximizing productivity and reducing the cost-per-ton are paramount. To meet these challenges, Metso has developed the new Orange Series Rotor for vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers. With the new rotors, productive uptime can be increased substantially through longer parts lifetime and faster service.CB-Metso-288

The new Metso Orange Series Rotor components have been reconfigured with a built-in possibility for easy interchange, thus maximizing wear life. The change-out of primary components through the service door has also been improved.

With the Orange rotors, maintenance is made easy by reducing the total number of wear parts by 30 percent and the total number of components by 25 percent. This is achieved by integrating several components and using less fixing points. Hard-facing during maintenance is no longer required.

Tuomas Takalo, Metso’s product manager for Barmac VSI crushers, described the increase in wear parts life achieved with the Orange rotor as significant: “We have tested the new primary components in real quarry operations, achieving in most cases greatly enhanced wear life. For example, the tip life was increased by 30-50 percent.”

“In quarry operations, the extended lifetime will provide the operator significantly increased operational uptime,” he added. “Fewer intervals between wear parts changes will clearly increase the total capacities produced.”

The change-out of primary components for the Orange rotor through the service door has been improved greatly.

“In tip and cavity wear plates replacement, the actual servicing time can be cut by more than half, due to simplified retaining bar fixing,” said Takalo.


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