Eriez Heavy Duty Feeders for Difficult Requirements


Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders from Eriez are ideally suited to handle large capacity applications that require controlled feeding of difficult materials. Nine models are offered with capacities to 850 tph with capacity based on sand weighing 100 lb. per cu. ft. (1.6 metric tons per cu. meter).MHC-Eriez-359

Eriez’ Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders require minimal maintenance. Their state-of-the-art design has no moving parts such as shafts, cams or bearings, thus eliminating the need for lubrication.

Feeders in this line are available with overhead drives, multiple drive arrangements, grizzlies and dust covers to meet customers’ unique application needs. They can be arranged for either base or suspension mounting.

These advanced AC Feeders can be wired to any AC line and do not require a control to operate. For precise, instantaneous feed adjustment, frequent cycling of feeder or automated operation, Eriez offers rugged solid-state controls. Controls come standard in NEMA 12 enclosures for dusty environments. A variety of additional enclosures are also available.


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