New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year, and everyone makes resolutions: Lose weight, stop smoking, eat more vegetables, start exercising. But what about business resolutions?


Here are 10 business resolutions for aggregates producers to consider. Work on these, and it will indeed be a successful 2015.

Engage your legislators. The only way we are going to get a new highway bill passed is for every aggregates producer to kick down the door of their elected representatives’ office and state our case. This should be priority number one in the new year.

Think safety, safety, safety. We have made incredible progress in not only achieving, but promoting safety in our industry. Let’s not take our eye off the ball.

Check that succession plan. In the untimely event of a death, is your organization ready to replace its key people; and is one generation prepared legally to hand over the reigns to the next? Take some time to address this.

Permitting is a year-‘round exercise. An aggressive public affairs initiative is the key to successful permitting. Go the extra mile to serve your local community, and it will help reduce permit-approval time.

Invest in technology. Whether it is plant automation, loader electronics or digital maintenance, make good use of the technological tools that are now available to you. It will save your operation time and money.

Network, network and network some more. It is not enough to reach out only in your community, reach out to your peers. Get and stay involved in state and national associations, and attend conventions and trade shows. It is always an invaluable experience.

Embrace sustainability. Sustainable operations are successful operations. And a sustainability program also helps with public affairs. Plus, it is simply the responsible thing to do.

Continuing education counts. Whether it is reading magazines such as this one, going online or attending a seminar at a trade show, take every opportunity to increase your level of education.

Initiate change with personal empowerment. Give each of your employees the power to change your company for the better. Their job satisfaction is your success.

Go back where it all starts. In its simplest form, aggregates production is making little rocks out of big rocks. Productivity equals profitability, so when you look at that quarry face, never forget exactly what it is you are seeing.

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