Atlas Copco Down-The-Hole Hammer

PTP Atlas 150

Atlas Copco introduced the next generation in its Secoroc COP line of down-the-hole hammers. The COP 66 is shorter, lighter and easier to operate than its predecessors, the company said. PTP-Atlas-400

The COP 66 penetrates 15 percent faster than its predecessor. It is also more easily adjustable for feed force and rotation, features no exhaust tube and includes a solid bit with no center flushing hole.

With fewer parts, reduced air consumption and a 30 percent shorter and lighter hammer than previous models, the COP 66 offers drillers a considerably longer service lifespan. The E-kit allows the COP 66 to be rebuilt twice over its lifetime in normal abrasive conditions.

The COP 66 is ideal for use on the Atlas Copco SmartROC and FlexiROC drill rigs.

Atlas Copco,


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