Construction Equipment Museum Seeks Donors


The Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA) announced a Capital Campaign to construct a new 20,000-sq.-ft. home for the National Construction Equipment Museum ¬– the only public museum of its kind in the nation.RP-LASTCALL-400

The new facility, to be constructed on its existing property in Bowling Green, Ohio, will nearly triple the current museum’s display area, and will feature:

  • A machinery hall with a clear span vaulted ceiling that will allow cranes and shovels to be displayed with their booms raised.
  • A Visitor’s Center, including a merchandise store and an area for meetings and special displays.
  • A 1,200-sq.-ft. education center, including interactive displays, which will allow us to develop programs for students of all ages to increase awareness of and promote interest in careers in the construction, surface mining and dredging industries.
  • A 1,200-sq.-ft. archives annex with climate-controlled storage for seldom-accessed materials taking up valuable space in the current storage.

“The need for this new building is real,” the association noted. “Our current 7,000-sq.-ft. museum is completely filled to capacity while many exhibits, by necessity, have to be stored outdoors. Our archives storage rooms are cramped and overflowing, and our restoration shop is limited. Growth is a beautiful thing, but we have reached a critical point. It’s time to unlock the future of the National Construction Equipment Museum.”

Your generous gift can open the door to the future of the HCEA and its mission. Its fundraising target is $1.5 million, and they are confident that, with the help of the construction equipment industries, they will have the new National Construction Equipment Museum completed and open to the public in time for its 2016 International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition.

Interested donors are encouraged to contact David B. Munson, director of development, at 517-270-3334, [email protected]. Donations can also be made through its website at

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