Dyno Nobel Improves DigiShot System


Dyno Nobel, along with the efforts of joint venture partner DetNet, have made improvements to the DigiShot 300S system. The new DigiShot 300 RF system has been developed to improve safety of blasting operations. With this new system the blaster has the capability to fire remotely with a single box application. This allows the blaster to choose a firing location where both the bench and ingress areas are visible.PTP-DYNO-400

The DigiShot 300 RF system is designed for single box firing with the capability of firing up to 450 detonators at a distance of 3,281 ft. The system will also continue to support box synchronization with two boxes when firing in hardwire mode. The features of this improved system offer our customers the benefits of:

  • Convenience of adaptable software so the machines can be configured as either a bench box or base station.
  • Safety and security through smart key technology keys as a paired set.
  • Ability to adapt to different blast sizes through one box remote firing or two box hard wire synchronization modes.

Global Product Manager of Electronic Initiation Systems Sandy Tavelli said, “We are delighted to announce the addition of DigiShot 300 RF to our line of electronic detonator systems. Providing products to our customers that will add safety to their blasting jobs is one of our biggest concerns. With our remote firing system and smart key technology we continue to provide our customers with safe and practical innovations.”

Dyno Nobel, www.dynonobel.com

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