Doosan Telematics Package Now Standard


In response to greater demand for machine-to-machine communication, machine intelligence and remote equipment monitoring, Doosan has introduced an upgraded telematics package for its heavy equipment including excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. The new system is called Doosan Telematics, and will be standard on all Doosan equipment, except for DX63-3 and DX85R-3 compact excavators.


How does it work?

Doosan Telematics provides a connected machine solution that allows customers and dealers to remotely track and monitor Doosan heavy equipment. Each new Doosan machine that arrived at Doosan dealerships after July 1, 2014, came with a complimentary three-year subscription, including prepaid wireless service.

Customers can monitor their Doosan equipment remotely from an Internet-enabled device and an upgraded Doosan Telematics website called CoreTMS. After the three years of prepaid wireless service expires, customers will have the option to purchase a service extension. Doosan has offered a telematics solution since 2008, and customers who have an active telematics subscription can access the new CoreTMS website for machine details and reports.

The new Doosan Telematics system includes the following elements:

  • GPS unit: Helps Doosan equipment owners or fleet managers monitor the machine’s location.
  • Q-Pro wireless data modem and wireless service: The modem sends data collected from sensors on the machine to a website via a cellular signal.
  • Satellite antenna and service: Provides a communication link when the Doosan machine is working in remote locations and cellular service is not available.
  • CoreTMS website: The new website offers Doosan customers access to many useful reports and important machine data.
Benefits to Customers

The Doosan Telematics system puts more information in the hands of customers to help them better manage their heavy construction equipment. Owners can monitor operational data and make recommendations to operators to improve machine usage and fuel efficiency.

For example, owners can see if the operator lets the machine idle for a long time when the machine should be turned off, saving valuable diesel fuel. Operational data also gives owners insight to monitoring the machine’s fuel efficiency and the selected power mode in different applications. This is helpful to determine if an operator can make adjustments in order to do the same work with less diesel fuel. Doosan machines provide operators with various power modes to help them best match the power needed to specific applications.

Improved Maintenance Scheduling

Monitoring maintenance schedules is made easier with the Doosan Telematics system. Equipment owners can review a machine’s maintenance history through the telematics website and identify what preventive maintenance is coming up. Fuel levels for each machine can be reviewed simply from the website, eliminating the need to physically visit each machine to check fuel levels, and allowing the customer to minimize trips for the fuel truck.

If a problem does arise, Doosan Telematics alerts owners to help reduce machine downtime. The website reports fault and warning codes, and owners or their dealer can be more prepared to fix the problem when they respond because they will have more data about what’s wrong with the machine. Dealers can view the problem on the CoreTMS website to help diagnose an issue, without physically being in the same location as the machine.

With all of the information available from Doosan Telematics, business owners can make better estimates when completing job bids and planning for jobs. Accurate machine usage reports, such as the number of hours a machine was used for a particular job, help owners respond to new business opportunities.


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