92 Resources Updates Zim Frac Project

Exploration company 92 Resources Corp. provided an update on its 100-percent-owned Zim Frac silica property in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. While more testing still remains, the multi-step physical testing and analyses being carried out so far by Stim Lab Inc., of Oklahoma, for frac sand determination, have delivered some excellent results according to the company.

In the most recent crush testing, two of the four samples submitted have performed extremely well. The 5,000 psi crush test had sample Z14-01 producing 4.9 percent fines and Z14-03 producing 4.07 percent fines. These are considered very good results.

At the 7,000 psi crush, test sample Zim-14-01 tested to be a 6K with 10.5 percent fines generated at 7K (7000 PSI). Most frac sands begin to fail between 7,000 and 9,000 PSI and these results so far suggest very good performance that compares favourably with other “frac sand quality” supplies. Stim Lab is continuing with further testing and results will be reported as they become available.

In earlier steps of testing the two samples performed better than acceptable for both, sphericity (better than 0.6) and size classification. “With our earlier tests having already confirmed the high purity nature of the silica at the Zim Frac property, we are very encouraged with these results to date,” stated Adrian Lamoureux, president and CEO. “They compare favorably with what we already know about the frac sand product being produced at the adjoining Moberly Mine, owned and operated by Heemskirk Canada Inc., and provide us the comfort level we need in order to advance to the next phase of work in order to better understand the known extent of the occurrence. Also, sample Zim14-01 is the uppermost of the samples near the top of the flat lying formation and represents the largest accessible area of the formation.”