SKF Speedi-Sleeves Resolve Cracking Issues


New generation SKF Speedi-Sleeves used with radial shaft seals in rotating machinery resolve the micro-cracking issues typically associated with conventional chrome-plated sleeves. These sealing solutions enable users to quickly and efficiently replace worn sealing surfaces without requiring time-consuming and unproductive machine disassembly and subsequent shaft regrinding. 

SKF Speedi-Sleeves install easily on shafts without using special equipment and can return machinery to service within minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional shaft reworking.

The seals combine a proprietary stainless steel base material with a high quality, non-chrome surface finish, which eliminates the potential for development of micro-cracks common in chrome-plated versions. Such unwanted surface cracks (visible only by a scanning electron microscope) create a coarse surface finish, which tests show will accelerate seal wear by four times and, in turn, dramatically shorten seal life.  

In contrast, SKF Speedi-Sleeves offer ideal surface hardness and sleeve durability without the pitfalls associated with chrome surface treatments. Ultimately, the unique SKF base sleeve material and surface finish serve to maximize resistance to wear, provide superior strength and ductility, and optimize overall seal performance and reliability.

Applications include industrial gearboxes, fans, pumps, off-highway and construction equipment,  mineral processing machinery, and all others where existing sealing systems have been compromised.

Standard SKF Speedi-Sleeve sizes can be supplied for shaft diameters from 11.99 mm / 0.472 in. to 203.33mm / 8 in. For abrasive environments and/or for applications integrating filled PTFE-filled seals, SKF Speedi-Sleeves are available in “Gold” versions integrating an enhanced surface coating for even higher performance.


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