Deister Screens Feature Geared Exciters


Deister Machine Co. Inc. offers the BFO-11224-EX2 Mine-Duty Screen, a 12- x 24-ft., horizontal, single-deck unit that delivers day-to-day reliability and high-volume capacities in a variety of hard rock mining and mineral processing applications, according to the company.SS-DEISTER

The BFO-11224 Mine-Duty Screen features the new Deister EX Series of geared exciters that are designed to create the force output required to drive today’s large screens. Geared exciters feature all-steel components; specially-coated bearing inner races to deter wear on shafts; and shafts that are case-hardened and ground for minimal wear. Mechanisms are sealed to minimize oil contaminants and maximize bearing life. Seals ride on replaceable ceramic-coated spacers that minimize heat and increase seal life up to 10 times that of conventional steel spacers and seals.

To meet the most stringent structural specifications, the BFO-11224-EX2 features fully-bolted construction as well as the use of A572-Grade 50 steel. For ease of maintenance, the unit is engineered with independent crossbeams.
Deister Machine Co.,

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