Hyundai Debuts Upgraded Wheel Loaders


Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. launched its two newest wheel loaders, the HL770-9A and the HL780-9A.  These models are part of Hyundai’s new 9A product line, all of which meet Interim Tier 4 standards and are ideal for aggregate, quarry and truck loading applications. Hyundai

Hyundai’s HL770-9A and HL780-9A loaders are built with reliable components including electronically controlled, fuel efficient, Cummins Interim Tier 4 & EU Stage IIIB engines. The HL770-9A boasts a 297-hp, QSL9 engine, whereas the more powerful HL780-9A features a 351-hp, QSX11.9 engine.  

Both loaders have three engine modes, power mode for heavy duty work, standard mode for general work and economy mode for light duty work, giving operators the utmost flexibility and allowing for full power or reduced fuel consumption depending on the task. The HL770-9A and HL780-9A are also equipped with a fully automatic transmission designed for minimum power loss, improved travel speed and low noise.

The HL770-9A loader has an operating weight of 51,810 lb., a bucket capacity of 5.5 cu. yd. and a bucket breakout force of 47,930 lb. while its larger counterpart, the HL780-9A, has an operating weight of 66,800 lb., a bucket capacity of 7.1 cu. yd. and a bucket breakout force of 52,360 lb. For jobs such as loading high-sided trucks or hoppers where a higher dump height is needed, both loaders are available in extended reach (XTD) models.  

To ensure profitability, Hyundai has equipped the loaders with enhanced service features and longer life components. Like all of Hyundai’s equipment, these new models will be equipped with the Hi-mate Remote Management System in order to prevent any unexpected maintenance or downtime.  
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