W.S. Tyler, Haver Host Open House, Symposium

W.S. Tyler and its sister company Haver Filling Systems held an open house and technical symposium on Sept. 11 for more than 70 customers at Haver’s Conyers, Ga., office and warehouse complex. Rock Products Associate Editor Josephine Smith was the only aggregates industry editor at the event.

One of the main highlights of the event was the official launch of W.S. Tyler’s new 13,000-sq.-ft. Hydro-Clean testing facility, which features the company’s Hydro-Clean Test Plant. The facility gives customers a fast, risk-free option for testing challenging materials to determine profit potential.

“Our goal in building this test facility was to give customers a timely way to have their materials tested in the Hydro-Clean, and through the testing demonstrate how it can make their operations more efficient and make them more money,” said Beau Backus, sales manager at W.S. Tyler’s Haver & Tyler Appalachians Division in Conyers. “Beyond the convenience, the site demonstrates the amount of sellable material customers can achieve while reducing water and energy expenses with the Hydro-Clean.”

During the event, Duncan High, division manager – process equipment technology for W.S. Tyler, held three demonstrations of the Hydro-Clean at three different belt speeds: 6, 4 and 2. This was to show how slowing down the retention time in the drum produces a cleaner material. He also mentioned that the Hydro-Clean has a smaller footprint than a log washer.

The testing process begins with customers sending a sample of material to be tested on a laboratory Hydro-Clean unit. The test determines the percentage of particles minus 200 mesh, which allows W.S. Tyler to identify the amount of clay in the material to determine whether the material can be successfully cleaned in the Hydro-Clean. After confirmation, W.S. Tyler sends a Hydro-Clean test kit for the customer to fill with about 1.5 tons of material to be tested at the Hydro-Clean Test Plant.

The facility also allows customers to test material on site to see whether the Hydro-Clean is a fit for their applications and to see how it will boost their profits. Customers are invited to travel to the Conyers facility, situated just outside of Atlanta, to see their materials before and after the Hydro-Clean test and talk through the results with W.S. Tyler washing equipment experts. The testing facility complements the option to have the Mobile Test Plant travel to customer sites.

Following the test, the customer receives the washed product along with a feasibility report outlining the test results. It includes W.S. Tyler’s recommendations on what size Hydro-Clean would fit the customer’s operation. It also breaks down the tons per hour at which the customer can wash their contaminated material.

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