Chicago Pneumatic Generators Feature Advanced Controls

Chicago Pneumatic introduced a new range of portable and stationary generators.

International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic introduced a new range of portable and stationary generators. Underlining Chicago Pneumatic’s reputation for ease-of-use, high performance and reliability, the new range of generators will offer long-term operation in even the most demanding environments.

Chicago Pneumatic’s new stationary generators (CPSG) are based on a frame-and-canopy design, and can serve a variety of stationary applications (primarily for the construction industry, but also in mining and industrial sectors), with a wide range of application-oriented options available.

Features of the CPSG generator range include a high-capacity fuel tank, which offers easy and fast connections for external filling; with an automatic filling kit available as an additional option. The CPSG units will also feature an advanced control panel that enables users to control and operate it remotely, and a rust-proof canopy that is bolstered with extra protection for sensitive areas of the unit.

CPSG stationary generators will be capable of operating at high working temperature, with the units designed to perform at 100 percent load at 40 C ambient temperature. In addition, they provide excellent accessibility and serviceability via large removable 45-degree doors. They are both installation-friendly, thanks to the inclusion of dual-position outlets, and eco-friendly, as a result of including a spillage-free frame, internal filling inlet and the provision of easy, clean drainage of all liquids. The CPSG units are also designed for fast, easy and safe on-site and off-site handling, with smaller units fitted with forklift slots.

Daniel Escuer, product marketing manager – power for Chicago Pneumatic, said: “The addition of these generators to our product portfolio, alongside our existing tools and equipment, will enhance our position as the trusted partner of the construction industry. As a result of our close bonds with this industry, we have been able to develop a range of stationary and portable generators that will directly address the needs of our customers, providing specific solutions for specific applications to benefit operations of all sizes and in all territories.”

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