Highbank Building Barge Load-Out

Highbank Resources Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, has finalized a contract with Foresight Innovations Ltd. of Victoria, B.C., to drive the pilings and complete the infrastructure for the company’s barge load-out facility at Swamp Point North. Work is expected to commence at the site this month with completion anticipated in 2-3 weeks.

Following the completion of the piling work, the conveyor sections will be installed. This will complete the barge-loading facility giving the company its vital marine link and ability to supply construction aggregates to proposed and ongoing construction projects at the Port of Prince Rupert, Grassy Point, or other coastal installations.

This facility gives Highbank a distinct competitive advantage in transportation costs over traditional trucking, according to the company. It would take more than 50 tandem truck loads to deliver the same volume of material as its smallest barge load, the company said.

Highbank Resources has 72 million tons of permitted reserves at its aggregate deposit on the Portland Canal, 78 miles from the Port of Prince Rupert, B.C., where a $32 billion dollar infrastructure project is being undertaken. The Swamp Point North deposit offers a distinct economic advantage over other aggregate producers because of its close access to barges and a major port, the company said.

Foresight has more than 20 years of experience in various types of installations. They specialize in foundations, pilings, heavy construction and creative, cost-effective solutions, according to the firm. Demand for Foresight’s services have extended from Northern Ontario, Alberta’s oil sands, Alaska, Pacific Ocean maritime projects, and as far east as Vietnam.


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