Andy Williams

Andy Williams of Rogers Group

Andy Williams of Rogers Group, current president of the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association, encouraged members to “re-emphasize our commitment to safety as the first priority in our business.” As you know, nationwide, our industry has seen a spike in fatalities the last 12 months. “We recently met with MSHA to discuss how we can work together to improve safety across the industry,” Williams wrote in the association’s August newsletter. “An analysis of the recent fatalities and the contributing factors identified key areas the industry should focus on to eliminate risk and reduce injuries and fatalities. I challenge you to implement a “safety stand down” in the next 30 days to re-new employee focus on safety as the first priority. Invest an hour or two during the shift and spend time discussing key areas of risk identified by MSHA as key contributors to the recent fatalities.” Congratulations Andy, you are a Rock Star.


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