Just the CrusherFax, Ma’am

“CrusherFax by Mellott Company.”

August 1, 2014 – Now this is an innovative idea. The federal government’s U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued to Mellott Company the federal service mark registration for “CrusherFax by Mellott Company.” This means that crushing equipment sold by Mellott Company is the only equipment that may be supported by CrusherFax documentation. CrusherFax is similar to the Carfax documentation that follows passenger cars so that potential buyers can see the history of the equipment. This mark applies to “Business analysis, business evaluation and reports relating to business matters on the condition and life-cycle history of machinery and equipment used in the aggregate, slag, construction, and power industries for buyers prior to purchase to verify that such machinery and equipment has been reconditioned and is in good working order and to provide business information useful for ongoing care and maintenance of such machinery and equipment.” Congrats to Mellott for this forward-thinking idea.


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