Cantech Offers Wireless Control of Material


Control specialists Cantech are using wireless technology to allow control of loading and materials-handling processes from the cabs of mobile plant such as loading shovels, forklifts and dump trucks.

Typical applications include discharging of material from quarry storage bins – which can include indication of the levels in the bins, allowing the driver to attend to other matters on the site until the bins fill up enough to need emptying – positioning radial conveyors and/or shuttles to fill bins/wagons on a ready mix plant or railhead, and to initiate the batching of concrete from the loading shovel or forklift on a blocks/precast operation.

These facilities result in far safer operation – drivers stay in their cabs rather than risking trips/falls getting in or out or more serious injury from passing vehicles – and allows more efficient and flexible use of staff time.

A working demonstration will be shown at this year’s Hillhead 2014, in Buxton, England.


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