Liebherr Loader Focuses on Fuel Consumption, Operating Costs

Liebherr Loader Focuses on Fuel Consumption, Operating Costs

The main features of the Liebherr L 586 wheel loader are cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. According to the company, tractive force and speed are adapted to suit demand automatically and without gear changes. Even the change from forward to reverse travel is controlled hydraulically, so that no mechanical reverse gear is required. The machine also features:

The Liebherr driveline reduces wheel loader fuel consumption by 25 percent or more when compared to conventional travel gears.

The Liebherr driveline allows the Liebherr diesel engine to be mounted lengthways in the rear, with the output shaft facing backwards. Compared to conventionally driven wheel loaders, the operating weight is much lower, the tipping load is higher, and more material can be moved each operating hour.

All the materials used in the Liebherr wheel loaders have passed extensive tests to ensure that they meet Liebherr’s exacting standards even in the toughest conditions. The advanced concept and proven quality make Liebherr wheel loaders the benchmark of reliability.

The ultra-modern cab design with advanced ergonomics, continuously variable Liebherr driveline for uninterrupted tractive force, standard Liebherr ride control, optimum weight distribution and easy service access due to unique engine installation lead to extraordinary overall comfort.

Active Environmental Protection

  • Economical use of resources. The reduction in fuel lowers emissions, thus actively protecting resources: 0.3 gal. of fuel produces up to 7 lb. of carbon dioxide (CO2). By saving up to 1.3 gal. per operating hour, up to 33,070 lb. less CO2 is produced in 1,000 operating hours. Not only are operating costs reduced but the environment also benefits from the drastically reduced emissions.
  • Low noise emission. The innovative driveline concept means much lower noise emission – Liebherr wheel loaders are significantly quieter in operation.

Low Operating Costs
Liebherr wheel loaders are unbeatable for economy compared to conventionally driven wheel loaders. This is due to the following factors:

  • Low fuel consumption thanks to higher efficiency and low operating weight. Liebherr wheel loaders use up to 25 percent less fuel compared to conventionally driven wheel loaders in the same working conditions.


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