Komatsu Dealer Takes Lead with Simulator Training

Komatsu Immersive

A Mexican machinery dealer will be helping its customers reduce maintenance costs and increase machine availability though the use of Immersive Technologies’ simulator training solutions.

Road Machinery of MITSUI Group is adding value to their customers and support offering through simulator-based machine operator training at its recently inaugurated training center in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. The self-contained PRO3-B Advanced Equipment Simulator is transportable and can be moved easily between locations allowing Road Machinery to offer training at the training center and customer sites.

The simulation technology includes detailed monitoring of operator behaviors which directly impact machine abuse and wear and tear including usage of brakes, gears and driving speeds.

Targeted simulation training from Immersive Technologies delivers an average of:

  • 62.2 percent reduction in brake abuse.
  • 69.8 percent reduction in abusive shifting.
  • 54.5 percent reduction in engine over-speeds.
  • 10.4 percent increase in tire life.
  • 6.9 percent reduced fuel consumption.


“We want our customers to achieve the highest level of performance and are committed to provide tools that can help deliver these results. Being able to offer training with the type of proven results delivered by Immersive Technologies ensures our customers get the best return on investment,” said Operations Vice President Manuel Felix of Road Machinery.

Komatsu ImmersiveImmersive Technologies Executive Vice President – Sales and Support David Anderson said, “equipment performance and machine uptime are critical business drivers for all mine operations and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

“Immersive Technologies’ solutions give equipment operators the skills and understanding to operate in a productive manner while eliminating behaviors that cause machine abuse.”

Anderson continued, “The level of fidelity our simulators deliver will allow Road Machinery to partner with customers on continuous improvement projects utilizing mine site data to determine targeted objectives and identify business and operational improvement opportunities.

“Our training solutions are deployed across more than 255 global mining customers in 35 countries and our distinctive ability to produce measurable outcomes quantified via operational data is what makes our customers safer and more profitable.”

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