Orica Uni Tronic 600 an Advance in Technology

Orica mining services uni_tronic 600

The Orica uni tronic 600 is one of three systems within the company’s Next Generation range and represents a significant advance in blasting technology, according to the 

At the heart of the system is a more sophisticated ASIC, providing greater levels of safety and reliability. With new features such as on-bench testing and improved fully programmable millisecond timing, gains can be achieved in both efficiency and performance.
The system is comprised of:

  • uni tronic 600 electronic detonators.
  • Blast Box 310 (Bluetooth)/310RAU (wireless remote firing).
  • uni tronic 600 Tester.
  • Scanner 110/120/125.
  • Scanner 200, with on-bench, full-function testing of uni tronic 600 detonators.

The system is designed for smaller open cut coal and metal mines as well as quarry and construction operations.

Orica, www.orica.com

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