Superior Debuts New, Quick-Setup Overland Conveyor

Superior Debuts New, Quick-Setup Overland Conveyor

Superior Industries Inc. launched a new overland conveyor model for dry bulk material handlers. Branded the Zipline Conveyor, the modular, pre-engineered system permits quick, tool-less installations for bulk material handlers in a variety of industries including construction aggregates, coal mining, biomass handling, industrial minerals and marine terminal applications.

Unlike similar, pre-engineered overland systems, Superior engineers designed the Zipline Conveyor to accommodate standard, off-the-shelf conveyor components. Common troughing idlers, for example, are placed into position and secured by hand with supplied brackets, j-bolts and eye nuts. Additionally, the components are easy to promptly source and replace from local distribution.

Stocked in dealer inventory, the cost-effective conveyor adapts well to future modifications. Simply source additional intermediate sections and shift the head or tail section of the Zipline Conveyor to expand the travel length of the groundline system.

Superior’s Zipline Conveyor is available in standard belt widths of 30 in. (750mm), 36 in. (900mm) and 42 in. (1,050mm) and maximum production rates of 500 (450 metric tons) to 1,500 (1,360 metric tons) short tons per hour.

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