Atlas Copco Secoroc COP 66 Hammer is Faster, Lighter, Shorter


The new COP 66 hammer and its new platform design represent real innovation in down-the-hole drilling, according to Atlas Copco. You can see and feel the difference yourself: shorter, lighter, no exhaust tube and a solid bit with no center flushing hole. But the most surprising difference is that the hammer is even easier to operate.

With COP 66, penetration is 15 percent faster than its predecessor, COP 64 Gold. COP 66 is also described as more easily adjustable for feed force and rotation, making life easier for its operator as it makes business more productive for you, according to the company.

With its unique new design and reduced air consumption, the COP 66 doesn’t just drill faster – less wear and tear on the hammer means you can drill longer, too. With fewer parts, a 30 percent shorter and lighter hammer and a considerably longer service lifespan, it’s more reliable and economical to run.

The COP 66 is designed for a new generation of drill rigs – Atlas Copco SmartROC and FlexiROC. They combine the latest drilling technology with air packages up to 435 psi (30 bar).

The COP 66 is designed for reliability and for quick and simple servicing. Innovations like the E-kit allow the COP 66 to be rebuilt twice over its lifetime in normal abrasive conditions, as opposed to just once with COP 64 Gold.

Atlas Copco,

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