Moxa Ethernet Switches Highly Scalable

Moxa Ethernet Switches Highly Scalable

Moxa offers the new EDS-G500E Series of industrial Ethernet switches. Designed to simplify upgrading an existing large-scale network to gigabit speed, or building a new full gigabit backbone, the switches are equipped with 8, 12 or 16 gigabit Ethernet ports and up to four fiber optic ports.

The highly scalable switches will appeal to IT professionals who want total network reliability, an easy-to-use interface, and the ability to quickly transfer bandwidth-heavy triple-play services in extreme industrial environments, according to Moxa.

“The EDS-G500E switch is ideal for highly demanding communication applications, such as video and process monitoring, ITS and DCS systems, all of which benefit from a scalable backbone construction,” said Todd Desso, strategic business manager for Moxa. “It helps future-proof today’s industrial Ethernet networks by meeting the key requirements of scalable and multiple gigabit connections, combined with utmost reliability, security and manageability.”

In addition to Level 4 EMS protection to repel electromagnetic interference, severe shock/vibration resistance, and a new thermal fin design that can reduce switch temperatures (5 C or more), the EDS-G500E series will be available with Class 1, Div. 2/ATEX Zone 2 ratings for safe use in petrochemical facilities, processing plants and other classified areas. Like other managed switch offerings from Moxa, the EDS-G500 will also feature redundant Ethernet Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, RSTP/STP, and MSTP to increase system reliability and the availability of the network backbone.

The new switch series has many user-centric features to significantly improve network manageability. For example, auto configuration/backup/restore is fast and easy with the ABC-02 USB dongle and Moxa’s MXcongif utility that allows up to 100 switches to be configured in 12 minutes or less. Command-Line Interface gives the client a more concise and powerful means of control during configuration of major managed functions.


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