Fred Weber Inc. Hosts Special Teachers Program

Fred Weber Inc. (FWI) invited the Advanced Manufacturing Pathway team to participate in an interactive tour of its construction, material and corporate facilities as part of the Pathways for Teachers program. Nearly 20 math, English, science, social studies, and career education teachers, as well as counselors and administrators from the Ferguson/Florissant, Pattonville and St. Louis Public districts participated in the tour.

The purpose of the tour was to arm educators with a real-life perspective of the construction industry with an overall goal to help improve the career readiness of local high school students for STEM employment.

Pathways for Teachers is a program of professional development for three local school districts in the area (Ferguson/Florissant, Pattonville and St. Louis Public) of STEM career readiness. The project, funded by the Boeing Co. through a grant written by Education Plus, will show teachers how to enable high school students to apply STEM knowledge in real world business and industry projects, thereby enhancing the prospects for economic development in the St. Louis region.

The tour aimed to accomplish following objectives:

  • Provide an overview of how Math, Science and English are used every day on the job at FWI.
  • Provide a facility tour of FWI’s construction, asphalt, quarry and corporate operations where educators can observe various STEM-related jobs being performed at FWI.
  • Provide an informative Q&A session for teachers to discuss the construction industry and career opportunities at FWI, as well as the employment outlook within the industry.

“As a proud sponsor and supporter of the Pathways for Teachers program, we at FWI look forward to our continued partnership with our neighbors in the educational community and hope to grow and develop career opportunities within the construction industry,” said Justin Naber, director of business development – Midwest Region at Fred Weber Inc.

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