Metso Impact Crusher for Secondary, Tertiary Applications

Metso offers the new Nordberg NP15 impact crusher, the latest addition to its range of NP Series machines.

Metso offers the new Nordberg NP15 impact crusher, the latest addition to its range of NP Series machines. Designed for increased safety and performance, the NP15 impact crusher is the perfect choice for secondary and tertiary applications.

“Performance, profitability and maintenance of the crushing plants are at the heart of this new crusher,” said Vincent Schmitt, Metso’s product manager for NP impact crushers.

To improve crushing efficiency and produce more end-product with less recirculation load, the NP15 impact crusher features a steeper feed angle. The steep feed angle increases material penetration into the rotor and makes the discharge curve less sensitive to blow-bar wear and more consistent over time.

The NP15 impact crusher accepts feed material up to 400 mm and can be equipped with a 355-kW motor on a single drive. Its maximum throughput capacity is up to 12 percent larger than that of the existing NP1315 impact crusher, and it can be installed on a lighter steel structure.

The number of different side liners has been cut by nearly half compared to the NP1315 impact crusher. The Nordberg NP15 requires only seven different liners. This clever wear-part arrangement means more flexibility in the use of the side liners and less parts in stock.

Thanks to the IC2000 NP automation system, product quality is both predictable and consistent, the company said. The system, available for the Nordberg NP15 and the whole NP range, gives accurate control of the crusher parameters for a high-quality product and improved plant profitability.

The wide range of blow-bar options available ensures that you always have the right tool regardless of the abrasiveness of the crushed material. Metso’s triple-wedge blow-bar attachment system is the easiest of its kind and provides a very rigid assembly that allows the use of blow bars with ceramic inserts, even with coarse feed material.

To make maintenance safer and easier, the NP15 impact crusher has a new two-part rear frame that combines safety with easy, wide access. The operator can choose which way to open the frame depending on the point that needs to be accessed.

The removable breaker plate cassette on the NP15 impact crusher ensures breaker plate liners can be changed safely. A spare cassette can be prepared in advance to further ease and speed up the changing of the liners.

The Nordberg NP15 maintenance bridge provides safe and easy access to both the highest side-liners and the rotor. This means safe conditions for the operator performing the maintenance.

The Self Rotation Rotor is the centralized point for adjusting the settings and changing the blow bars. Thanks to its automated turning, the rotor provides a safe environment for changing the blow bars without risk of operator injury.

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