FilterMag Offers Magnetic Filtration Technology

FilterMag Offers Magnetic Filtration Technology

FilterMag unveiled its magnetic filtration technology, which it said virtually eliminates the presence of harmful contaminants from oil and hydraulic fluid systems used in all kinds of critical industrial equipment.

FilterMag uses Neodymium alloy magnets, which are also used in MRIs. Working non-invasively with conventional oil, hydraulic and fuel filters, FilterMag products capture sub-10 micron contaminants which are the most destructive corrosives leading to system wear, fatigue and failure. FilterMag can increase the lifespan of mission critical industrial assets by 200 percent.

With FilterMag, capital-intensive industrial assets such as hydraulic presses, compressors, fleet trucks and pumps can realize major life extensions. That means longer system life, fewer fluid changes, greater reliability and lower operating costs, which matters a great deal in key industries like mining and oil/gas where downtime can be measured in the $100Ks an hour.


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