Doran Tire Pressure Sensor for OTR Applications

Doran Tire Pressure Sensor for OTR Applications

Doran Manufacturing offers a new tire pressure sensor specifically designed for OTR tire applications in mines, quarries and off-road construction. “This sensor was meticulously designed and manufactured to combat the extreme operating conditions of OTR tire applications,” said Jim Samocki, general manager. “The strong performance and reliability results that we’ve seen during on-vehicle field testing combined with successfully passing tests to meet or exceed rigorous SAE standards at an independent a2La accredited testing facility confirms our intention to offer a great new alternative for our dealer partners and TPMS customers in the OTR tire market.”

The OTR tire pressure sensor includes a patent-pending, seal design with a built-in filter to protect internal sensor components from rim conditioners and other liquids present in most OTR tires. The innovative seal design with brass housing provides consistent valve core depression and temperature resistant seals.

A high-performance Lithium-Ion battery is also included for enhanced tolerance to temperature extremes and to provide reliable RF signal transmission for an extended period of time.

In addition to the true innovation in the seal design, the Doran OTR tire pressure sensor incorporates a high-impact nylon housing with a spin-welded cap and proprietary potting material, which encapsulates and protects the internal components from vibration, impact and extreme temperature changes.

The new OTR tire pressure sensor also provides the capability to be scanned with the Doran SmartLink hand tool to provide digital pressure and temperature data during walk-around tire inspections.

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