Victor ST400 Cutting Torch Features New Design

Victor ST400 Cutting Torch Features New Design

Victor Technologies’ Victor ST400 straight torch incorporates the Victor 400 series handle that uses a high-strength alloy material for durability and features an ergonomic shape to improve operator comfort. The torch’s three-tube design provides a clearer view of the cutting path, while visual cues on the oxygen and fuel knobs simplify use, enhancing safety.

“Until now, there was no way for an inexperienced worker to effectively and intuitively identify gas valves,” said John Henderson, group brand manager. “The ST400 torch provides operators with the visual acuity necessary for safe and effective oxy-fuel cutting, even if English isn’t their first language.”

Henderson notes that the design changes help companies cope with the retirement of skilled operators and their need to hire younger, less-experienced workers. The design of the torch also improves durability in situations where tools receive rough treatment.

The ST400 is compatible with current 300 series consumables and meets or exceeds performance and durability expectations of a Victor torch, the industry’s leading brand.

To simplify use and increase precision, the ST400 provides excellent line-of-sight visibility. Victor accomplished this by departing from its traditional tube-in-tube design to a sleeker three-tube design (oxy-fuel cutting requires three tubes, one each for fuel gas, pre-heat oxygen and cutting oxygen).

“Our new tube design optimizes cutting area visibility while providing strength and supporting gas flow rate requirements for tip sizes 000 through 6,” stated Henderson. The ST400 uses a universal mixer design and mixes the gases in the head of the torch. Like all Victor torches, it enables operators to use one torch for all fuels (acetylene, propylene, propane, etc.) simply by selecting the correct tips.

“Everyone familiar with the cutting performance of a Victor torch will recognize the superior performance of the new ST400 straight torch,” Henderson said.

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