Rogers Group Relies on GPS Tracking

Navman Wireless

With a construction-equipment tracking system, your quarry operation can be sure that each piece of equipment at every plant is working as hard as you are. Navman Wireless is one company that provides fleet and mobile asset intelligence based on equipment tracking.

With this critical data, you can:

  • Fine-tune construction equipment and worker productivity.
  • Reduce downtime by monitoring maintenance needs.

Phil Gosnell, operational improvement/corporate equipment manager for Tennessee-based The Rogers Group said the number-one benefit for his company is collecting equipment hours.

“Our benefit has been to reduce and/or eliminate the daily equipment hour entries and thus reduce hour entry errors,” he said. “Such errors impact our service schedules and internal rental rates. This information feeds directly into our back-office system (Oracle).”

The company uses the Navman Wireless technology for on-road as well as for off-road equipment. “We have about 200 on-road devices, and a 42-dump-truck fleet using the additional M-Nav devices for onboard communications,” he said.

Gosnell said incorporating the system has been easy, but was a process. “There were some road bumps with the integration, but we worked through them,” he said.

Benefits of the system are many, but generally the technology can:

  • Display information for individual pieces of equipment, including total engine hours, total miles traveled and preventative maintenance schedule with color-coded risk indicator.
  • Review overall performance of assets over their entire life cycle, including job costs, hour’s worked, maintenance required, and more.
  • Receive real-time activity-based data, such as whether doors are open or closed, lights are on or off, as well as articulated arm activity, temperature, and more.
  • Get a list of hours the asset has been in use for the last seven days and a full look at the activity performed by an asset in a 24-hour period.
  • Note where and for how long idling occurs so you can tweak routes for greater efficiency.
  • Make informed rent versus buying decisions.
  • Monitor fuel consumption and perform remote mechanical diagnostics to maximize output.
  • Record when drivers arrive and depart defined customer locations.

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