Emerson Industrial Automation

Emerson Industrial Automation's Morse Raider Plus speed reducer.

February 13, 2014 – Emerson Industrial Automation’s Morse Raider Plus speed reducers utilize advanced finishing techniques, additional bearings and special seals to arm them for leak-free performance, guaranteed for 18 months. Ideal for conveyors, mixers and bucket elevators, the Raider Plus’ computerized gear centering optimizes the gear mesh for reduced heat and debris formation, eliminating unnecessary backlash and delivering high efficiency and long life. A patented roll-burnished journal finish extends seal life up to four-fold, and exclusive double-lip seals on both input and output shafts provide leak-proof operation in highly contaminated applications.

The Raider Plus also features an exclusive non-metallic quill liner that reduces fretting and corrosion, and eases motor removal. Large, single-row ball bearings absorb radial and thrust loads on higher input speeds, while heavy-duty tapered roller bearings on all output shafts handle inherent gear load and provide maximum overhung load capacity. “A key design component of this reducer is a second input bearing that reduces wear and fatigue on the input seal,” said DeWayne Polley, gearing product specialist for Emerson. “The second input bearing minimizes shaft movement during motor installation and operation. We tracked the performance of the Raider Plus and are confident the materials and assembly of this product support an 18-month leak-free guarantee.” www.emersonindustrial.com

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