Northern Frac Proppants to Launch Second Frac Sand Mine

Northern Frac Proppants (NFP) announced plans to construct a second frac sand mine and processing plant in Jackson County, Wis.

“After we reached phase one production capacity at our first Wisconsin mine last  year, continued strong demand for our high-quality Northern White frac sand  proppant has caused us to accelerate plans to bring online a second mine and  processing facility in Wisconsin located on an alternative Class 1 railroad,” said Jeff Alston, president of NFP. “This new Jackson County facility will enable NFP to better serve customers in all major North American shale plays and be a great complement to our existing 1,800-acre plant in the state,” he said. “With the plant located on the Union Pacific rail line, NFP will be able to efficiently reach the Texas and Oklahoma markets. We believe that the Jackson facility is a perfect complement to our currently operating mine and processing plant located on the Canadian National rail line in Alma Center, which is able to serve other major shale plays in the U.S., Canada and other international markets.”

“By accelerating plans to bring online additional mining and processing facilities located directly on key Class 1 rail lines ¬– all within an 8-mile radius and in proximity to barging – and by deploying our innovative methods of storing and transporting frac sand directly to the well head and other locations, NFP will gain greater flexibility to better serve customers in all major North American shale plays,” said Dan Koxlien, the company’s COO. “NFP is committed to operating the new Jackson County mine and plant and all our sites in a safe and responsible manner that meet or exceed all state and federal environmental and safety regulations, and to bringing new full-time employment opportunities to the area.”

Northern Frac Proppants, Houston, is an emerging domestic producer of monocrystalline sand (frac sand), a highly specialized mineral used by oil and natural gas companies for hydraulic fracturing to enhance the recovery rates of hydrocarbons from oil and natural gas wells. Its proven high-quality Northern White sand reserves in Wisconsin and state-of-the art sand mining and processing facilities located on major rail transport lines enable NFP to provide reliable, cost-effective supply and delivery of high-quality frac sand to all major North American shale plays.

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