This Week’s Market Buzz

  • According to the Winona Daily News, a public hearing on a Glacier Sands application to create a 350-acre industrial zone in the town of Milton, Minn., will be held Feb. 13 before the Buffalo County Land Resources/Zoning Committee. Glacier Sands seeks to rezone agricultural land to industrial use as first step in a larger plan to seek permits for building a railway trans-loading facility for shipping frac sand and grain. The proposed operation is similar to a 2012 project Glacier Sands sought permitting for in the same location, which was denied.
  • According to SW News, Crawford County, Wis., Circuit Court Judge James Czajkowski ordered the Town of Bridgeport, Wis., to conduct a hearing as requested by the plaintiffs in a case seeking to void the conditional use permit issued by the town for a frac sand mine. Crawford Stewardship Project and township landowners Arnold Steele, Mark Fishler, Loren Fishler and Dan Linder are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit seeking to void the conditional use permit, which allows the frac sand mine to operate in Bridgeport Township. The mine operator, Pattison Sand Co., filed a motion to intervene as a co-defendant in the lawsuit.
  • Growth in the Canadian liquefied natural gas industry could revive the stalled development of frac sand project in British Columbia. According to a report in the Prince George Citizen, The Angus Project, owned and developed by Stikine Energy, would mine frac sand from two claims that Stikine said are the nearest supplies to natural gas activities in the northeast corner of the province. Stikine has reportedly invested more than a quarter of a million dollars thus far to test the material and analyze the Angus site’s potential.


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