Major Wire Crown Bar Adaptors Transform Modular Screens

SS Major-Wire

Major Wire Industries Limited introduces its new Crown Bar Adaptors for modular decks, which allows producers to convert their flat screen decks to a crowned deck on both pin- and grooved-type screen decks. This innovative technology will allow producers to choose the best screen media for the job without being limited by the screen deck.

Major Wire developed its line of Crown Bar Adaptors to fill an expressed need for producers with flat screen decks that were limited to only using modular type screen media but wanted to use Major Wire’s Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned High-Performance Screen Media. Producers can expect to increase open area up to 100 percent or more by converting modular decks to a crowned tensioned deck of Flex-Mat 3.

Flex-Mat 3 panels have more open area, providing up to 50 percent more screen capacity than polyurethane and rubber panels, the company said. It employs independently vibrating wires that increase product throughput by up to 40 percent over polyurethane and rubber panels by increasing open area and eliminating blinding, pegging and clogging.

Flex-Mat 3 provides benefits on every screenbox deck: eliminating near-size pegging on top decks, producing cleaner retained product through the middle decks and preventing fine material blinding on bottom decks. Major Wire Industries,

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