Atlas Copco PowerROC T35 E Surface Drill Rig

Atlas Copco PowerROC T35 E Surface Drill Rig

The Atlas Copco PowerROC T35 E is an extendable boom version of the previous T35 drilling rig. This no-cabin model provides straighter holes, more safety and comfort for the operator and easy-access maintenance.

The PowerROC was designed with an aluminum feed system to drill straighter holes. Aluminum is highly resistant to bending, and the prism shape of the feed profile allows two directional sliding surfaces as a stable guide for the rock drill cradle. The T35 E feed system also uses a cylinder with cables that drives the rock drill cradle to provide more consistent ground contact with the drill bit for higher quality holes.

Easy maneuverability on a variety of terrains allows the T35 E to be used in a multitude of applications. Housing foundations, road building, pipeline building and trenching are just a few of the construction jobs well suited for the T35 E.

Drilling and tramming controls are located in three separate areas on the machine. This allows operators to safely and efficiently run the T35 E in difficult environments. There is no need for the operator to stand next to the feed, resulting in less dust and noise exposure. A swing arm provides greater safety and comfort.

“Add an Atlas Copco COP rock drill and the COP Logic control system, which are standard features, and you will have full control over your operation, wherever your business takes you,” said Maurice Hunter, business line manager at Atlas Copco Surface Drilling Equipment.

The COP logic control system adjusts to achieve the best drilling performance, while the COP rock drill is designed for mining and tunneling in tough conditions. The combination of the two provides optimal transfer of impact power from bit to rock.

The PowerROC T35 E was also designed with accessible service points to provide easy maintenance on the ground. Low overall height of the machine makes it simple to work with and easy to transport.
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