ASGCO Pro Zone Conveyor Belt System


Pro-Zone is a modular conveyor belt load-zone system from ASGCO that seals conveyors belts for air/dust tightness. This “skirt-less” fully self-contained system is comprised of Slide-N-Roll beds with removable “slide-out” designed UHMW and steel side supports and easily removable center rolls. Side guards, internal splash sealing system, dust curtains and angled hoods (aluminum or steel) completely enclose the entire system.

  • Environmentally Friendly – due to significant reduction of airborne and fugitive dust and avoiding any risk of product loss in the loading area.
  • Increased Productivity – and longer conveyor belt life because the completely sealed load zone helps eliminate material turbulence and conveyor belt cover abrasion.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – by having a “skirt-less,” fully contained system that needs no adjustments of metal skirtboards or rubber skirting adjustments.
  • Modular Design – can be installed in any combination of 4-ft. (1,200 mm) or 5-ft. (1,500 mm) lengths to completely cover load zone area. Quickly removable dust hoods, slide-out side sections and removable center rolls aid in the installation and maintenance of the system.
  • Made in the USA – completely engineered, designed, fabricated and stocked in the United States.


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